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Make Contacting You Easy

I just put my new blogroll and list of writing websites together. My next move was to send an email to each letting them know about this new blog site.

Much to my utter amazement, at least a quarter of the blogs and sites provided no easy way for me to email them. The first site I ran into which led me around and around trying to find an email address got me to quickly write a contact page  for this site. And I’ve made it as obvious as I can.

Sure, in the flury of putting a site together, it’s easy to overlook something as basic as a contact me page. So I suggest you look at your own site right now and see if there’s a way for a potential client to phone or email you.  If you discover it’s hard to find, make the needed changes right now.

Some don’t like to put phone numbers on their websites. I’ve done it for years and never really had a problem. If I’ve gotten crank calls, and I’m not sure I have, I just hang up. Usually, however, it’s a potential writing client that’s calling. Getting new clients for writing and/or coaching is the main reason I have websites and I blog.

Some fear putting their email address in an obvious place because of spam. You can’t hide from spam, but you can filter it and delete it. Far better to have spam and get clients then hide and get no clients.

Is your contact info easy to find?

Write well and often,


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  • testing

  • Anne, some blogs include their address in harder-to-harvest form, such as:

    damsongreengagesatsuma{ AT ] fnork(DOT }com
    .-= jorgekafkazar´s last blog ..Tenirax, Ch V =-.

    • Anne

      Yes, Jorge, using the words at and dot works, but they also act as a small barrier… I’ve skipped emailing when the address is like that because I don’t think it’s important enough to change it or I’m feeling pressed for time or I’m just tired or whatever. I figure that if a semi-geek like me skips those kinds of email addresses some of the time, at least some potential clients are apt to do the same thing. Instead I run hardy spam filters, which creates another set of problems of course.

  • You’re right, Anne! GMTA (great minds think alike). I missed this one and we need to spread the word all we can. I’d rather put my contact info at risk for spam than lose credibility and trust for not making it easy to contact me.

    Agree with Kelly — site looks fab!

  • Anne – this is such a great point! I think folks are afraid of the crank calls and spam. But the effort in setting up a spam filter and adding caller ID is fairly minimal… The bigger question is what’s the cost of missing THAT contact? You know, the interview, the gig, the request to write a guest post? Up to date and visible contact is a must.

    (And psst, the site looks great!)

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