online privacyOnline privacy, or security has become an every growing problem. I think most freelance writers are at least vaguely aware of that. It’s hard to both understand the depth of the problem and to know exactly what to do to protect ourselves.

My goal here is to help you take online privacy seriously – for yourself. Writers probably spend more time on the computer than anyone but programmers, gamers and hackers.  Just that presence online a lot makes us more vulnerable than we might think.While we’ve learned to use these machines well, we’re not versed, by and large, in their inner workings.

There’s some balance between paranoia and ignoring the whole issue completely. I find myself swinging in multiple directions, from ignoring it entirely to wanting to buy a hardened computer – I’m educating myself so I can make better decisions. Which is what this article is about.

Here are some resources you can use to get current on the issues and make some decisions about what you want to do.

But first a caveat.  I am not by any stretch of the imagination an expert on security. I did date one back in the day and it might have been that rather strange and brief relationship that has let me to be a bit more aware of some of the problems than many – or not.

Types of scams

The FTC has an amazing list of online scams called Scam Alert. Take a look – it’s long enough so you could decide to read one a day or one a week and be way ahead.

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writers are true client peersFreelance writers are true client peers and it’s time you recognized that.

It probably isn’t surprising there’s some real confusion when it comes to the idea that freelance writers are true  client peers with their clients because so many of our clients are working corporate jobs and have titles, regular salaries, etc.

Writers often don’t realize or forget that they are effectively CEO /CFO /Owner / Manager and much more of their own business. Unlike the person who hires us for corporate writing we have to wear many hats. See what I mean? You really are on an equal footing with your clients.

And when the client is a successful, individual entrepreneur, you’re still on an equal footing because you too are a successful entrepreneur.

You’re hired because you’re an expert

The only reason you’re hired or are being considered for a writing gig is because you’re an expert. Yes, you!

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