Making Accountability Work For Your Freelance Writing Business

September 9, 2014

Making accountability work for you can be a key factor in the success of both your writing and your freelance writing business. The idea behind accountability is you set yourself up to be responsible to or accountable to another person – your accountability partner. It’s a tool any of us can use to help us [...]

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How Freelance Writers Can Choose Self-Confidence

September 4, 2014

Lori Widmer, creator of the Word on the Page blog, has an article today called Riding the Writing Excuse Train. It’s a good article that points out the excuses we writers sometimes use to avoid writing. What really caught my attention, however, was the first comment. Written by health writer Eileen Coale, it opens with: One of the [...]

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How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs on Craigslist

September 2, 2014

Contently posted an article on finding freelance writing jobs on Craigslist in New York. It’s kind of a fun, slightly snarky look at the good, the bad, and everything in between in writing gigs in the Big Apple. I wondered why they limited the article to New York ads. I’ve been using Craigslist almost since [...]

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Freelance Writers and Time Management

August 28, 2014

Have you ever woken up with a sense of dread because you’re absolutely sure you do not have enough time to get it all done? That’s how I felt this morning – totally pressured and maybe even a bit panicked. I’ve been here before – maybe you have too. I’ve learned a bit about what [...]

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5 Ways to Fix Run-On Sentences

August 26, 2014

By Allison VanNest of What are run-on sentences? Contrary to popular belief, they’re not just really, really long sentences. Run-on sentences are actually two independent clauses (i.e. complete thoughts with a subject and predicate) that have been fused together without the correct punctuation. A run-on can be as simple as: “I like piña coladas I [...]

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The Finding Freelance Writing Jobs Roundup

August 25, 2014

Finding freelance writing jobs is an ongoing challenge for most freelance writers. It’s a subject I write often about. Listed here are some of the best articles I’ve written on the topic. Some are new, some not so much, but all have been vetted to be sure they are current. There’s also a link to [...]

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How Writers Set Boundaries In Their Home Offices And Write

August 21, 2014

Writers set boundaries in their home office because they must, or they never get any writing done. Interruptions come, it seems, from all directions. First of all, neighbors, friends, and even families and door-to-door sales people seem to think if you’re home you’re available. I know, I don’t understand why this is true either – [...]

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It’s Not Impolite to Talk About Money and Freelance Writing Jobs!

August 19, 2014

Where did we get the idea that it’s rude to talk about money and freelance writing jobs? In fact, come to think about it, where did we get the idea it’s impolite to talk about money in general? Most of us grew up with the notion that it’s somehow rude to talk with others about [...]

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How To Raise Your Freelance Writing Fees

August 18, 2014

As you continue to get freelance writing jobs there comes a time when you want to know how to raise your freelance writing fees. Sometimes the decision to raise you rates comes when you realize you originally set your fees too low to cover your expenses. This happens fairly often. Writers find out about this [...]

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Freelance Writing Job Interview Success

August 14, 2014

Writing job interview success is key to a successful freelance career. In fact, you’ll experience being interviewed for jobs more than almost any other career path. Which means you’ll only get better at handling being interviewed as time goes on. Most of the time you’ll be interviewed over the phone as a result of your [...]

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