7 Behaviors That Stop New Freelance Writers & How To Change Them

January 9, 2014

There are seven behaviors that new freelance writers often exhibit that can stop their writing career before it gets well started. Fortunately each one is possible to change. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to change all seven right now, so I’ve marked the easiest ones with purple asterisks to show you which ones I know [...]

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Should I Write a Novel That Would Hurt My Family? Ask Anne

January 7, 2014

Hi Anne, I’ve been a song writer most of my life, but over the past year, I have questioned whether or not to begin a novel. The problem I have is in the event the novel were to be published, it would deeply hurt my mother, father and siblings. It would be very therapeutic for [...]

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4 Steps To Handle Unfinished Writing Projects & Maybe Make Some Money

January 2, 2014

What should you do with those unfinished writing projects? You know the ones I mean. Those books or stories or poems you’ve started but never finished. Oh! You thought you were the only one with folders holding manuscripts of one sort or another you’ve started but never finished? Sorry. Believe me, you’re not alone! Back [...]

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10 Writing Resolutions for the New Year

December 31, 2013

By Allison VanNest, Grammarly.com New Year’s resolutions usually fail because they aren’t specific enough to be actionable. If your New Year’s resolution is to be a better, faster, and more productive writer in the coming year, here are ten specific things you can do to help you reach your goal: 1. Write every day. This is [...]

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9 Ways Freelance Writers Can Create Time To Daydream, & Why They Should

December 26, 2013

Helen Poulakou, who blogs at Inspiration Exists, Studying Grammar on a Greek Island, and Words and find time to participate our forum at AboutWritingSquared.com pointed me to a wonderful resource called How Mind-Wandering and “Positive Constructive Daydreaming” Enhance Our Creativity and Social Skills. I love it because it scientifically justifies my daydreaming and proves my hunch that writers need serious [...]

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Hate the Look of WordPress 3.8 Admin? You’re Not Alone! & There’s a Plugin!

December 19, 2013

Okay, I know change is constant… that’s part of what zen is all about, learning to flex and respond rather than react. This and my other blogs are built on a WordPress platform – I’ve used it for years (geeze, that’s true… time does fly as they say). I’ve upgraded when asked and generally all [...]

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5 Top Reasons (Some )Freelance Writers Get Paid Poorly and How To Fix It

December 12, 2013

Talk with almost any group of freelance writers and someone is sure to say they aren’t getting paid enough. Often they say it’s because the content farms and bidding sites mean freelancers can no longer expect to be well paid. That’s simply not true! The internet has meant more writing jobs are available than ever [...]

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Of Writers, Publishers and Pay – Ask Anne

December 11, 2013

Sandy Smith in comments asked: Why writers are always under the gun on deadlines but publishers take so long to pay us.  If we were talking face-to-face I’d ask you who are you writing for and how slow are they? I’d also ask who is setting the deadlines? Not all writing for pay has tight [...]

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4 Agreements Needed to Accept a Freelance Writing Job – Ask Anne

December 5, 2013

On twitter @soundposted asked for a list of things to ask before accepting a (regular) freelance writing gig. I don’t know what ‘regular’ means in this instance, but there are four things I want agreement on before I take on a freelance writing job. If I can’t get mutual understanding on any of these I [...]

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My Article Was Stolen – What Should I Do? – Ask Anne

December 3, 2013

Matt Carroll asked in comments,  ”what happens if an article you write appears somewhere on the web without your permission?” Matt, that’s a great question – I don’t think there’s a freelance writer who publishes on the web that hasn’t had articles, posts, etc. show up on another website, or even several, without permission. I’ve had [...]

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