15 – Freelance Writing Business Problems – Are You Working With Or For Your Writing Clients?

July 17, 2014

Are you working with or for your writing clients? Think about that for a moment or two. There’s an important difference. When you have a regular job, even if it’s a dream job and you’re writing full time for an organization you love and with ample pay, you are working for that employer as an employee. Generally there’s a [...]

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14 – Freelance Writers Business Problems – 7 Reasons to Turn Down Writing Clients

July 17, 2014

When to turn down writing clients is one of the lessons every successful freelance writer needs to learn. In the beginning we’re so excited with the idea that someone, anyone, is willing to pay us for our writing, we miss any red flags that might be warning us off. We don’t yet really understand that [...]

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13 – Freelance Writer Business Problems – How To Raise Your Rates

July 16, 2014

Is it time to raise your rates? My hunch is that if you haven’t raised them at least once in over a year or two, it definitely is time to start charging more for your writing. Did you know that many writers and other freelancers revise their rates upwards every six months, or even more frequently? [...]

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12 – Freelance Writers Business Problems – 6 Freelance Writer Cover Letter Secrets

July 15, 2014

The freelance writer cover letter is often the first writing sample a prospective client or editor actually sees; that makes them a most important piece of writing. The cover letter is also a different kind of writing than say article writing or blog posts, or book writing. It’s really a sales document that’s designed to get [...]

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11 – Freelance Writers Business Problems – Dangers of the Single Client Freelance Writing Job

July 14, 2014

The potential client offers you the freelance writing job of a lifetime – an actual living wage in exchange for roughly fulltime work – and you get to work at home. Do you take it? Maybe. Before you say yes, consider the following: Will you be paid by the hour? If so, as you get [...]

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6 Elements of a Successful Freelance Writing Business

July 10, 2014

What, exactly, do I mean when I talk about creating a successful freelance writing business? What’s really required? It certainly doesn’t require a degree in business management, although an occasional course at a community college or webinar might be helpful. A lot of business is common sense. Not all of it, of course. In many [...]

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Query Now for End of Year Holiday Freelance Stories

July 8, 2014

Remember that wonderful idea you had for a freelance story about making costumes for Halloween last year? Or was it the year before? How about the recipe for Christmas cookies you thought would go well in a regional magazine? Or that year-end trip you took to an almost secret hide-away? Then there are the spectacular [...]

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Getting Answers To Your Freelance Writing Business Questions

July 3, 2014

One of the tricks to success is getting answers to your freelance writing business questions. No, you’re not supposed to know it all when you start, or later on either. Focusing on your writing and developing that is, quite naturally, your first priority. But you’ve also got to handle the ‘business side’ reasonably well which [...]

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The Writer’s Resume – It’s About Getting an Interview

July 1, 2014

You know you need a writer’s resume, but do you really know why? Sure, the writer’s resume puts a list of your writing credits in the hands of someone who may be in a position to hire you as a writer. What’s rarely understood, however, is that your writing resume also acts as reassurance. It’s like [...]

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10 – Freelance Writer Business Problems – Do You Need A Writing Niche?

June 30, 2014

On writing websites, even this one, there’s often discussion of the need to find a freelance writing niche and how, if you want, to find one - the right one. And there are lots of opinions. Some of us, including me, hold several opinions. For example I’ve written: You Don’t Need A Niche To Start A Successful Freelance [...]

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