Author Platforms and Authority Sites – Writer’s Jargon or Necessity?

February 26, 2015

There are two terms bandied about in the freelance writing game that are fairly recent and subject to all hype and confusion. They are author platforms and authority sites. Author platform The term, author platform, most often refers to people who are writing books – both fiction and nonfiction. The author platform is a recent creation […]

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Email Sig – One Simple Marketing Idea Freelance Writers Can Do In 10 Min.

February 24, 2015

I’m still surprised at how many emails I get from writers that give me no way to contact them other than by replying to the email.What if I want to call them? Or look at their website? I’m stuck. Creating an email sig or signature is a simple marketing idea that you can complete in 10 minutes […]

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Freelancing Means No Paid Sick Days

February 17, 2015

Last wednesday evening I noticed my throat was scratchy. I woke up Thursday morning and knew I was doing nothing for at least a couple of days but take extra good care of myself.. By Saturday morning my throat had eased considerably, but the bug had devolved into a nasty head cold. Today I’m better, and […]

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Secrets You Can Use to Keep Your Writing Resolutions

February 10, 2015

 By Allison VanNest of The first month of the new year is over, and as we clutch the remnants of our New Year’s resolutions about our shoulders like tattered shawls, let’s talk about what it takes to turn a resolution into a lasting habit. In other words, how can you keep your writing resolutions. What did […]

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10 Ways Writers Can Beat Self Promotion Fear And Market Themselves

February 5, 2015

Self promotion and marketing are essential if a freelance writer is going to be successful. Yet many freelancers hesitate to market themselves and their writing. Often they simply find other things that are “more important to do” the market themselves. Some recognize that they choke up with fear when they start to take action on marketing […]

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How to Create A Writing Schedule For Your Book

February 3, 2015

Once you’ve Visioned your book, written its Purpose and created a Working Table of Contents, you’re ready to figure out exactly when you’re actually going to get your book written. You need a writing schedule for your book. Even if you’re able to treat writing your book as a full-time job, your life will be […]

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How to Create A Marketing Plan For Your Freelance Writing Business

January 29, 2015

Most writers recognize the need to market themselves and their writing and most will admit to having trouble developing a marketing plan and sticking with it. Some are stuck in the idea that they hate marketing and seem unwilling to get off that. But most just aren’t clear about what kind of marketing they can […]

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The Secret to Writing The Table of Contents For Your Book

January 27, 2015

Once you have your Vision and a 10 word Purpose Statement you really know what you’re book is all about. Consciously and unconsciously ideas are accumulating. Now it’s time to begin to organize the information you’ve got in your head and/or determine what sort of research you need to do. If you love to outline this […]

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Why No Freelance Writer Should Hate Marketing and What to Do if You Do

January 22, 2015

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard writers say, “… but I hate marketing!” In fact, I’ve been known to say it myself, at least I used to. Maybe it’s no wonder we tend to actively dislike the whole idea of marketing ourselves and our writing. After all, we’re all subjected to tons of […]

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Your Book Needs a 10 Word Purpose Statement

January 20, 2015

When you do a Visioning for your book, you’re opening up to wider possibilities. The Purpose Statement helps you hone that vision to the laser-like focus you need to get your book written. When you couple vision and purpose you’ll have a book that says exactly what you want to say, with clarity, clear organization and […]

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