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Jobs For Freelance Writers – Online Sources

I define a freelance writing job as one I can do in my pajamas at home, which is the criteria I used for this list. In the table below you’ll find the sources I find to be most productive – with some comments.

I also suggest you look at certain Craigslist postings which you can see here.

And if you’re interested in bidding on freelance writing jobs you’ll find links to bidding sites here. I don’t like them much because they tend to drive pay for freelancers down; some people report having good luck. If you try them stick to your price.

It’s probably a good idea if you look at the category containing lots of links to articles about how to land a job. There are some tricks to the trade.

All Indie Writers Excellent site – Jenn also shows pay and if it’s a pro rate of not.
Blogger Jobs
Mixed results, worth checking.
Bookbuilders of Boston Very occasionally has freelance gigs – interesting to see what’s going on there though.
CopyEditor – Job Board Almost not worth the effort unless copyediting is your thing – consider contacting some of these and asking for work you can do at home.
Freelance and telecommuting jobs for writers – international Can be a good resource – jobs tend to come in batches.
Freelance Job Openings – Hire a Freelancer! Check only the jobs marked telecommute – some duplication with Craigslist.
JournalismJobs.com – Job Listings Good list – a fair number of real freelance gigs. Search on telecommute to filter
mediabistro.com Excellent list – some real freelance jobs. Try searching on telecommute. Note the industries on the left – pick your favorite one, two or three.
Problogger Job Board Mostly blogging jobs. Worth checking.
Blogging Pro  Blogging gigs and copywriting work updated daily. 
The Write Jobs – Journalism, Media and Publishing Job Listings Rarely has freelance gigs but when she does, it’s worth the effort. Date job was posted is way at the bottom of the listing – but check it.
Freelance Writing Gigs / Jobs You’ll find three sections – yesterday’s list, today’s list and one in the middle that may also be a fit.
Writing Job’s blog Telecommute Job List Many duplicates. I’d glance at it to find jobs I hadn’t seen elsewhere.
Write Jobs Magazine markets, also contests – if used daily you’ll find duplication from other sources.
Whisper Jobs Mostly full-time and intern gigs here – but worth checking – sometimes there are amazing opportunities.
Work at Home Mafia Not strictly writing gigs here, although they do show up occasionally.
Morning Coffee This turns out to be a darn good sorting of mostly craigslist jobs. Sometimes you’ll find real gems here.

Have I left out your favorite source? Email me with Job Source in the
subject line so I don’t lose you to spam.

Write well and often,