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24 Writing Hashtags And A Mini Book Review

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I’ve been doing some experiments with twitter as a marketing tool for the 5 Buck Forum. Part of that experimentation meant searching for appropriate hashtags.  So far I’ve found 23, 24 if you count #writingsquared which Lori Widmer and I created for About Writing Squared which is the container for the forum and other things like webinars, ebooks, etc.

I culled these from Daily Writing Tips. They actually show 40 on that page, but that seemed too many so I picked through them to find the ones that seemed most applicable for what I want to do with them.

Which brings me to just that. How best to use these tags – and the truth is I don’t really know. Oh, I know how to tweet, and I do, but when it comes to actually putting together a twitter marketing campaign I’m way way behind the curve.

Almost as if I’d planned it Jan Zimmerman and Deb Ng‘s massive Social Media Marketing for Dummies All-In-One arrived.

It’s huge because it covers the whole social marketing scene and is, in fact, a compilation of about nine books.

There are some 770 pages and it weighs more than a 5 pound bag of sugar I’m sure. And I’ve just gotten started. Although I wish the publisher, Wiley, had made the screenshots more readable – there’s really no excuse – I’m finding it valuable even though I’m less than 10 percent through.

I’ll do a real review later. Meanwhile, here are my hashtag picks at the moment (each is, of course, preceded by # but somehow that inserts a link to hootsweet, so I deleted them):








wip   Work In Progress







WW – Writing or Writers Wednesday





pubtip – PUBlication TIPs






 What are your favorite hashtags and how do you use them?


Image: Attribution Some rights reserved by danielmoyle

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  • Glad you’re fnding “Social Media Marketing All in One for Dummies” useful, Anne. And remember, you can use it as a booster seat for kids after it’s obsolete.

  • Oh man, this is useful. I had just been thinking “I need to use more hashtags” and then thought–I have no idea what hashtags to use! Thanks!

    • Carmen, remember, none of us were born knowing this stuff. It’s all a learning curve.

  • Great list!

    I use ‘hashtags’ such as blog, blogs, blogging, ghost writing, ghostwriting, creative writing, screenwriting, freelance writing, and others. I’ll use these for marketing and promoting my website and or affiliates.

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