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Writers Simply Must Market Themselves!

40 Marketing Questions AnsweredLast year I wrote a post called Authors Must Do Stuff. It’s aimed at folks who write books and talks about the need to build ‘an author’s platform.’

Folks, ‘an author’s platform’ is some-sort-of-speak for marketing. As a freelance writer you’ve got to do stuff and a fair proportion of the stuff you’ve got to do is marketing! Which is why this blog has a whole category on marketing.

Now remember I too am a freelance writer. I too would rather write or read than market myself and my writing. But I also figured out long ago that I’d have to find a way to let potential clients know I’m a writer and (gently) convince them they should hire me.

And lordy did I have questions about marketing when I started! In fact, I’ve still got some questions, but I’ve got a lot of answers too. Which is why I’ve joined hands with Carol Tice, who blogs at Make A Living Writing, to offer a webinar that will do two things:

  1. Show you 40 ways to market your writing (which is also the name of the webinar – aren’t we clever!).
  2. Give you a chance to get your most pressing marketing questions answered.

Sound valuable? You bet it is.

It’s going to be a jam-packed hour. You’ll come away with at least a few specific ideas you can use yourself to market your talent as a freelance writer.

Post your marketing questions here and be as specific as possible. Generic questions like “how do I use social media” aren’t as helpful as “how can I promote my expertise on gold fish on twitter.” The best question may win a door prize.

You’ll find complete info on the webinar here.

Of course you can ask questions in either place.

Join us – you’ll not only learn a lot about marketing yourself, we’ll have fun as well.


Image by Carol’s son.

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  • Cathy Miller November 24, 2010, 12:08 pm

    Unfortunately, I’m out marketing myself at that date and time. :-) No, I really am-a “meet & greet’ with a major benefits company. Good luck to you & Carol. Sorry I’ll miss it.
    Cathy Miller recently posted..It All Starts With a Single StepMy Profile

    • annew November 24, 2010, 1:38 pm

      I believe you Cathy – hey everyone, Cathy and I met – a real meeting, f2f, over lunch when she was in San Diego for her walk for the cure… so very cool to meet in the real world.

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