time offTime off! Why is it so important for freelance writers yet so often elusive?

Maybe you recognize this. You’ve been rocking along with your freelance writing career and seeing growth with improvement in both your writing and your income.

All seems fine except you begin to notice the ideas for things to write about don’t seem to come as easily as they used to. You find yourself slogging to meet deadlines that used to be a breeze or close to it. Clients you used to enjoy you now find tiresome. You catch yourself staring out the window, not creatively, but with a longing to escape.

These and similar symptoms are certain signals you need some time off!

Why time off is good for you

I’ve come to love the word, recreate or recreation. Time off is what allows us to re-create ourselves. It takes rest away from the pressures of work, yes, even freelance writing work, for our minds to return to their normal, creative ways of thinking and perceiving . Without some regular re-setting as it were of our minds abilities, we tend to get mired down and stuck.

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writing for exposureEver been tempted by a writing for exposure writing gig? Most of us have, particularly in the beginning of our writing careers.

What what is writing for exposure?

The idea behind writing for exposure isn’t inherently a bad one.

The basic thought is that writers can benefit if their writing is exposed to the public, even for free. Such exposure, it is argued, gives them a writing credit and may be seen by possible clients.

Often the people offering to ‘let’ you write for them are sincere, maybe not-for-profit types. They are naive and have been told that writing for exposure instead of for pay is something many freelance writers will do because they want that exposure. They may really believe they are offering something of value in lieu of pay.

Then there are a fair number of people out there that simply hope to get something for nothing. They are aware that offering writing for exposure is usually a bad deal for the writer, but a good one for them. These folks hope to get writing they can use, and often they can.

Why is writing for exposure usually not a good idea?

The real reason writing for exposure is generally not a great idea is you have no idea what kind of exposure you’re going to get, if any. Think about it. What does the fact the individual or company isn’t willing to pay for writing say about them? They either have almost no budget or they are just plain stingy.

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Side Hustles for Freelance Writers

December 7, 2017

Side hustles! If you know a few tricks, then working from home can be extremely lucrative, but you may need several income streams. After you have landed a few writing gigs and finished all your work early, you could try branching out into other areas. By finding other ways to make money online, you can quickly build […]

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101 Things About Domain Names You Didn’t Think to Ask

December 5, 2017

If you’re nerdy like I am and love the web, this will probably interest you. Even if you’re not, scan this and learn something about domain names… how they work, a bit of their history, etc. If you don’t already have your website this will be valuable as you finally buy a domain name (Blue […]

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Year-End Review Helps Writers Truly Assess Their Writing Business

November 30, 2017

A year end review is a good practice for freelance writers. Since tomorrow it will be December, it’s a good time to start thinking and writing your year-end review of your writing business. Fortunately, since we’re freelancers, we don’t have to approach this evaluation with the kind of dread that so often happens in the […]

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A Writing Client Goes Missing or Why I Insist on an Advance

November 28, 2017

An advance for a portion of the fee, or even all if it, protects you against flaky clients and those who have no intention of paying you. I was reminded of this last week. I answered an ad on LinkedIn for someone who wanted some blogging done for a project that sounded interesting to me. […]

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My White Privilege and an Apology for Thanksgiving

November 23, 2017

I was born into white privilege, although no one was talking about it back then. As I grew up I learned that the Pilgrims and “Indians” as we said back then, celebrated the first Thanksgiving because the natives taught the newly arrived folks how to farm and catch food. The scene was always portrayed as […]

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Project Management on the Fly for Freelance Writers

November 21, 2017

Project management tools are readily available. There are even free ones that have good reputations. All, however, require some sort of learning curve. Since I don’t think about project management until I’m in the middle of something that would benefit from some clarity about everything,, I’ve not been willing to pay the price of learning […]

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7 Mysteries About Freelance Writing That Stop Many From Becoming A Freelance Writer

November 16, 2017

With the rise of the internet, interest in freelance writing is picking up. However, with people coming from different countries and backgrounds, there is a shroud of mystery about how freelance writing really works. So here I am today to bust a few common myths that create doubts among the newbies and hold them to […]

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8 Ways to Write Efficiently Creating More Time for Your Creativity

November 14, 2017

When you write efficiently you actually also create more space for your own creativity. I recently took on a project that’s got some pretty tight time demands and I was feeling a bit at odds with it because I knew it would cut into my own writing. Then I asked myself an important question: Is […]

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