should write a bookJust as there are good reasons not to write a book, there are some darn good reasons why you probably should write one.

I’ve listed four important ones here.

I’m tempted to say if these four don’t apply, don’t bother, but I know better.

I’ve worked with lots of folks on books over the years – everything from ghostwriting whole books for people to coaching others through the book writing process – and there are all sorts of reasons to write a book or get one written. These four do cover the basics and are worth considering if you think you want to write a book.

You understand that what other people think of you is none of your business

What You Think of Me Is None of My Business” was written by Terry Cole-Whitaker a long time ago, and it still holds true today. Even if you don’t read the book, the title alone will give you great insight if you let it. [click to continue…]


reason I am a freelance WriterOne someone asks me the reason I am a freelance writer, I usually respond “I’m a very good worker and a lousy employee.”

Generally everyone chuckles and we move on to something else.

There is, however, a lot of truth in that statement.

I can remember jobs under florescent lights in cubicles where I’d either be working my tail off or bored to tears. It was in one of those jobs I discovered that, by and large, I write faster than many folks.

I was working for the long defunct KayPro magazine, Profiles. (KayPro was the first ‘portable’ computer with a hard drive and Profiles was their magazine) where  I had a chance to really compare my output with others. It wasn’t long before the editor gave me quiet permission to work on my own projects when I was done with the work for the magazine.

In other situations I’d be given more work simply because I could get it done. More work, but no more pay.

I also was one of those employees who refused to be quiet about what I made. I realized early on that management does not want people comparing what they make, not out of politeness or any other reason except they don’t want the inherent unfairness to show up. [click to continue…]


When Should Freelance Writers Ask for Help?

December 4, 2014

I don’t know if my parents intended for me to grow up thinking I had to do everything by myself or not, but somehow I came to adulthood thinking it wasn’t okay to ask for help. I had the notion that I should already know how to do whatever it was I thought I wanted [...]

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Talk Turkey To Your Freelance Writing Clients

December 2, 2014

In American English to talk turkey  to someone means to be up front, to speak your mind. It also has the sense that we’re speaking firmly – even setting a boundary. Not long ago I was working on a project through a broker. I rarely do this, but I ran into the company completely by accident. Most [...]

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108 Things This Freelance Writer is Grateful for in 2014

November 27, 2014

When Rev. Guy Williams challenged a class I was in to write down 100 things we were grateful for every day I had no idea that challenge would also kick off an annual posting from me. It became 108 things to list simply because I found it much easier to count using beads than on [...]

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Giving Thanks for Freelance Writers

November 26, 2014

By Allison VanNest of At Grammarly, we focus on cleaning up copy after it’s already written. Even though we’re on the opposite team, so to speak, we’re deeply for grateful for all the freelance writers out there, without whom we would have nothing to proofread. We all know that good grammar is the equivalent of wearing [...]

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Freelance Writers – When Should You Approach An Editor?

November 18, 2014

Unless you have a hot news story that has to be published today or tomorrow, it can pay to think about the editor’s schedule before you submit a query or an over the transom article. This is true for both print and web editors, and includes book editors as well. Editors live and die by [...]

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Freelance Writer Business Education Costs

November 11, 2014

I’ve been trying to figure out how freelance writers learn the business side of writing. I did a bunch of googling and came up with not much. Here’s what I found: According to, an online business degree could cost you between $15,000 and $60,000 depending on where you take it – but you don’t [...]

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Sometimes You Simply Can’t Educate a Freelance Writing Client

November 11, 2014

You’ve heard me explain that part of our job it’s freelance writers is to educate our clients. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised at how few people who hire freelancers have any idea what actually has to happen to get the right words on paper. On the other hand don’t know how to run a paper mill, [...]

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How To Make Your Writing Proposal Work

November 6, 2014

The words, writing proposal, can seem intimidating to a until you consider how broadly that term can be interpreted. Everything from a multipage document, complete with table of contents, to a brief email describing how you might get some work done along with your qualifications, can fall under the rubric of a writing proposal. The [...]

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