Freelance Writing Client Changes the RulesWhen a long-term writing client changes the rules, you need to listen well and be patient if you want to preserve the relationship and keep writing for them.

At least that’s been my experience, more than once.

Sometimes they will tell you a change is in the wind, more often they won’t.

They don’t tell you I suspect because they truly do not understand how writers, or any creative for that matter, actually work.

CC the owner

In one case, I suddenly got instructions from the marketing person I’d been working with for a year of blogs to include the owner in every communication. When a writing client changes the rules like this it can mean trouble. The owner saw, and still sees, everything – our discussion of ideas, editorial calendars, rough drafts, and final copy.

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bullet proof writerThe hardest thing about freelancing is dealing with the “feast or famine” nature of the business. Actually, that’s not true—dealing with ‘feast’ times is stressful, sure, but it is nowhere near as awful as the fear that comes when famine hits and you’re convinced that no one will ever hire you for another writing project again.

The problem is that we experience the “famine” period as rejection as opposed to what it actually is—a lull in the business over which we rarely have control. The one thing we can control, however, is how we react to it.

I have been a writer—as a freelancer, columnist, ghostwriter, and book author—for almost my entire adult life. I’ve had times of exciting success and depressing failure. I can tell you about my failures—all of the downturns and rejections—in great and exquisite detail. My successes? I usually sum up with, “Yeah, that was nice.”

It turns out we are hard-wired to minimize the positive in our lives and focus on the negative. It’s a survival strategy that may have kept us alive when woolly mammoths roamed the earth but makes daily living in the modern world needlessly miserable.

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Paid Writing Gigs Are Everywhere

January 12, 2017

What did you do when you got up this morning? Did you read some news? Check on instructions for using your new coffee maker? Look at the words on that carton of eggs? How many of the emails you either read or didn’t were from companies or other organizations? I’ll bet you see where I’m […]

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Enforce Your Professional Boundaries With Your Writing Clients

January 10, 2017

Professional boundaries, like emotional boundaries, help us stay out of trouble and keep others from imposing on us. They help us stay out of trouble because they reduce the temptation to do something we don’t quite approve of, like giving away our work for free or low pay. And they give us ways to say […]

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Freelance Writers and the Retainer

January 3, 2017

I recently accepted a retainer for my freelance writing. It happened this way. I began writing for, I’ll call him Jim, after a face-to-face interview. We liked each other, I understood much of what he was trying to do with this business. We clicked and I started work on a project. The first project stalled […]

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When You Are Too Tired to Write

December 27, 2016

Have you ever felt you were simply too tired to write? I suspect we all have. I’ve also come to believe there are two approaches to those situations: Pretend you’re a Navy Seal Take a nap Pretend I’m a Navy Seal? According to my Executive Coach, Navy Seals never quit. I extrapolate that means they […]

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Are Writers Really Smarter?

December 15, 2016

Are writers smarter than the average person? Maybe. At least that’s what several sites proclaimed not so long ago. I first saw it on LifeHack. The thrust there is that the act of writing helps with thinking in all sorts of ways. It helps us process emotions, think through issues, and learn more completely. All […]

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Freelance Writers, Change Can Hurt and Help

December 13, 2016

Years ago, when I was building fires for Tony Robbins‘ fire walks I remember him responding to the question, “Why does change hurt so bad?” this way, paraphrasing: What do you mean change can hurt? What if I gave you a new Mercedes right now? That would be a real change in your life, right?  […]

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Yes, Freelance Writing is My Business – Writing is My Product!

December 8, 2016

Writing is my product and it’s yours too. Oh sure, freelance writing is a creative, even artistic endeavor; it’s also a service. And it’s also my business. When I’m thinking about marketing or building my business or setting and raising my fees,etc., it helps me to recognize the product I sell is my writing. Somehow […]

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Writers Need to Speak Out

December 6, 2016

When I first started blogging I was writing for As that relationship ended I registered my domain name, and started this blog in a tentative way. Soon I was asked to join another blog network. I didn’t dare speak out In both networks I stuck to my topic (information for freelance writers) and never ventured […]

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