DisastersHow often does some disaster interrupt you’re carefully planned writing day? In my case it’s a tech disaster of some sort that throws a monkey wrench into my plans about once a month.

An example happened yesterday. A special newsletter email mailing went out after testing, and on schedule. I was feeling smart and loving technology… until someone I trust emailed me saying the links in the newsletter didn’t work! Exactly the kind of event that meant I had to drop everything and solve that because I’d already been paid for the announcement.

It took about an hour and a half with the client and with my autoresponder to come up with and execute a solution that worked.

My coach’s solution

Some of you know I work with executive coach, Mark Boersma. He’s big on blocking out time for various business related work. And I had been working in the time block for writing projects when I got word of the failure.

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ceoA writer friend of mine was hesitating to call, again, the CEO of a company who had said he wanted to hire her to write for him. She was afraid of interrupting him, bugging him too much, etc. Yet she knew the deadline for the needed writing was fast approaching.

In other words, she’d slipped into that place of less than stellar self-confidence.

Then it dawned on her. “I suddenly realized that just like him, I too am the CEO of my writing company. Silly as it sounds, by recognizing our positions were similar – that we were both running a company – I found it easy to pick up the phone.”

Self-perception is key

So much of our success as freelance writers depends on how we see ourselves. If we’ve got real confidence in our ability, that will come through. People love to hire others who know what they are doing – and are confident about it.

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