Writing 5 Minutes A Day

by Anne Wayman

writing 5 minutes a dayI work with two women who I call my accountability partners. We generally meet once a week to talk about our businesses, get feedback and generally support each other. We’ve been meeting over coffee on Friday afternoons for several years now and continue to do so because it works for us.

One of the gals is an interior designer and the other safety engineer. It’s amazing how well we can understand each other’s problems and solutions and celebrations even though our businesses are wildly different.

A couple of weeks ago I was complaining that I didn’t have enough time to get the projects closest to my heart done. They both pushed back and I didn’t like it a bit.

The safety engineer said something like,”Anne, why don’t you write the family story five minutes at a time?”

The designer immediately piggybacked with “You could get that blog it done the same way.”

I was furious and told them both so. I also recognized that I was way overreacting. After all they were making a suggestion – that’s all. And I was the one who to ask for help.

So I agreed

Admitting that I was overreacting, and that I wasn’t going to get over my snit right that moment, I grudgingly agreed to try five minutes a day on each project for one workweek. Fortunately they both love me and were willing to just let me fume.

I spent much of that weekend muttering to myself giving all the reasons I shouldn’t have to try doing something highly creative and dear to my heart at a mere five minutes a day. After all I have had the luxury of working full-time on a book until it was done. It was great.

Writing 5 minutes a day

That Monday morning before I did anything else at the computer I started Toggl,the free and great timekeeping program I use  and opened the file on the family story. That first five minutes was mostly spent reentering the project. [click to continue…]


cloud backup for writersThe other day I was talking to a young man who is graduating with a bachelor’s in communication. The passenger side window of his car was taped up with plastic and I asked him what happened. He told me that his car had been broken into while he was parked on campus. His book bag had been stolen and in it was the hard drive he used for his computer’s backup.

I was surprised and asked him why he wasn’t using backup in the cloud. It was a case of the old lady knowing more tech than the young man because I knew more about it than he did — he admitted to not knowing or understanding the cloud.

You know what? Neither did I for quite a while. Like many I had some amorphous vision of computers in the sky that I knew wasn’t quite right. Eventually I looked up the cloud, on Google of course. There I found this quote from Gizmodo:

Cloud” is a buzzword that vaguely suggests the promise and convenience of being able to access files from anywhere. But the reality is that the cloud is hardly floating like mist above our heads — it’s a physical infrastructure, its many computers housed in massive warehouses all over the world. Jan 29, 2015

In other words, the cloud is just as earth bound as we are with many computers all operating in one place. Those server farms are set up all over the planet. Almost as an aside, these server farms generate a ton of heat and people are experimenting with how to use it, as in Dutch firm heats homes for free using cloud server power

Cloud backup for writers

Like almost everything to do with computing the more there is of it cheaper it gets. This includes storage space – like storage space in the cloud. It’s relatively recently that these huge server farms have become ubiquitous enough so innovative companies can offer cloud backup for writers that’s inexpensive and easy to use. [click to continue…]


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