writers set boundariesWriters set boundaries in their home office because they must, or they never get any writing done. Interruptions come, it seems, from all directions.

First of all, neighbors, friends, and even families and door-to-door sales people seem to think if you’re home you’re available.

I know, I don’t understand why this is true either – but it is.

Maybe it’s because people don’t associate working at home with legitimate work. Many seem to think real work, including freelance writing, takes place away from home, in an office or even a coffee shop.

This mostly reflects that few folks have any idea at all what’s actually involved in writing or running a freelance writing business.

Writers set boundaries by training

The only way to get family, friends, and neighbors to respect your writing time is to train them.

This is probably easier with family than with others, but the training often has to be repeated every few months. It’s just too easy to pop in and ask dad a quick question, or for mom to respond to sibling arguments – even if there’s another adult to around who could handle the problem.

Yes, sometimes it’s we writers who also need to train ourselves to just grit our teeth and let the family problem work itself out. When children are young, this won’t work – you either need someone to help, like a nanny or to schedule your writing time around naps. Once they get off to school things get easier. [click to continue…]


money and freelance writing jobsWhere did we get the idea that it’s rude to talk about money and freelance writing jobs?

In fact, come to think about it, where did we get the idea it’s impolite to talk about money in general? Most of us grew up with the notion that it’s somehow rude to talk with others about money. Which I suggest is a mistake.

While it might be offensive to brag about how much money, or how little, we’re making, when you consider the other kinds of information we share, like our weight, our love (even sex) lives, why are we afraid to talk about money?

We all use money, well or poorly. It’s an important part of the fabric of our lives, yet we act like we are ashamed to even mention the topic. Does that really make sense?

If we’ve worked a regular job, you learned quickly that no one is supposed to tell anyone how much they make. Which is ridiculous and serves to protect management more than anything else.

Think about it – what does the reluctance to talk about money get us? Confusion? Dishonest scams? Anything but clarity, that’s for sure.

Money and Freelance Writing Jobs

The fear of talking about money is particularly a mistake when such ideas make us feel awkward when it comes to negotiating pay for freelance writing jobs. Which happens much more than you might suspect. [click to continue…]


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