2015 freelance writing statsContently sent over some 2015 freelance writing stats.

I’m really in Samuel Clement’s (Mark Twain) camp. He is reputed to have said “There are lies, damned lies and statistics.”

It’s so easy to see something that says, as the Contently article does, that “The median income for all respondents is $10,001–$20,000,” and decide there’s no hope of earning a real living with freelance writing, even though the author, Jordan Teicher, aso reports that “five percent who earned six figures.”

That five figure statistic is drawn from all freelancers – look a bit deeper and you’ll find that 7.7% of full time freelancers make that magic six figure or more number. And it turns out the survey is based some 643 Contently readers who responded between May 28 to June 10.

Fun to compare

Which isn’t to say the survey is worthless or the article uninteresting. I mean who doesn’t love to compare themselves to others for good or ill? [click to continue…]


writing 5 minutes a day

About six weeks ago I grudgingly accepted a challenge from a friend to work on projects dear to my heart only five minutes a day because I was complaining I was too busy making money to work on those. After all, my reasoning (?) went, they won’t pay right away so I’d better not concentrate on them. I wrote about it in an article called Writing 5 Minutes a Day

I wanted to let you know how it’s been going – because I’m loving it and finding it effective for several reasons.

Getting started writing 5 minutes a day

I simply started the first day, with, as I recall, The Family Story. I found the file, started the free timer I use for many things at Toggl.com. It took me almost the full five minutes to figure out where I was in the story since I’d hand’t looked at it in months.

At first I had three projects I was working on. About four days in I realized that totaled all of 15 minutes! I realized I could push the time on each to ten minutes even on my busiest days. That’s worked well.

When I write

I literally do this now 10 minutes of writing on now six projects the very first thing in the morning. I don’t open my email, I don’t look at my calendar – the only thing that interrupts is feeding the cats and unlocking some doors I’m responsible for at the Zen Center. That takes maybe 4-7 minutes and acts as a break which I need in that particular hour of writing, which is pretty intense.

Each of these projects is dear to my heart and had spent a long time on what Paula Hendricks calls her Want To Do Lists. It’s writing down to the bone as Natalie Goldberg calls it.

Three tricks

I’ve figured out some tricks or techniques. [click to continue…]

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