Words That Express SkepticismMy friend, Ellie, the one who lives in Oregon and has a mini-farm with goats – well one goat right now, chickens who are either laying eggs or going broody, (sitting on them until the hatch) is also a word collector.

She shared with me her list of her words that express doubt or, more accurately, skepticism, about something someone said or did.

Words that express skepticism

She says her list is a list of Trumpery, (she would and I’m tempted…. )

  • hogwash
  •  claptrap
  •  hooey
  •  drivel
  •  malarkey
  •  folderol
  •  gimcrack
  •  gewgaw


edit your own writingLearning edit your own writing is tough. After all, by the time you’re ready to submit writing to a publisher or a client, you’ve spent serious time creating it. You already know what it says.

That’s why writing teachers and coaches suggest such things as putting the piece away for at least 24 hours, hopefully more, so you can read it again with fresh eyes.

Another trick is to read it from the last word, backwards to the first. That seems to disrupt your understanding and memory of what comes next enough so you’re able to at least see typos and misspellings. Would they be the only errors any of us made! Backwards reading can be helpful, but it won’t catch errors in sentence structure, context and word choice.

How to edit your own writing

It only makes sense to put the writing away over night at least, longer if possible. This often means giving yourself a deadline that’s a day or two earlier than when the client or publisher expects the piece.

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